Now in Plastic

by Francis Brennan

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I sleep on the world's slowest spaceship my pickup's a five star hotel though daylight has mostly erased it I dreamed that a ghost with a salty smell let me ramble around your unlikely town requesting incentive to stay and when I return I'll be back again someday I feared not the world's largest ocean as it rumbled a few yards away I fought not to let my eyes open but daylight got into them anyway the water was cold and it overflowed and swallowed this town up someday I'm safe in the meantime just livin' life away I'm taking a spaceship, I'm flying away I'm leaving tomorrow, hell I'm leaving today the windows are open, the wind's whistling in the whistles have spoken, it's time now again the sunrise means sleep in the city but I'm on a mission today I cannot accept any pity just buy me your time and I'll go away there's surely a mighty fine doughnut line assembled before me today but the powers that be say it ain't my lucky day so....(see above)
From Buffalo to Derry, three thousand miles or more it was the first canal, me boys, that dared to stretch offshore they said that we were crazy, they said it was in vain for just as soon as we'd dug the trench it filled right up again (Chorus) some say you still can hear them walking o'er the waves ten thousand mules, as many men each one was strong and brave and sometimes when I'm good and drunk I seem to hear my pals calling me to a hard day's work on the good old eire canal the mulewalk made of oak and steel, the channel lined with stone well the winter storms on the mid atlant' you'd feel right to your bones fourteen good men died there, just building Iceland lock and they buried them at sea each one was far from land or dock (chorus) the barges lined up on each side to cross that first spring day the hundred fifty waypoints were all stocked with ale and hay and when in summer's heat they met, the westbound and the east the celebrations went right on for seven days at least (chorus) eight years was all she lasted boys, eight years, two months, five days I still recall the day they let her slip beneath the waves the seas were racked by wailing, the mulewalk shook with sobs when the transatlantic railroad, it cost us all our jobs (chorus)
dia y la noche, simultaneamente conduccion de un camion en el camino no se ve vio en el pasado y en el futoro quando estoy durmiendo y tambien despertando lo que antes solo pertencia el sol irradia no se ve de la tierra a hora tiernado girando la bulsa de papel un gato contiene gruniendo y ronroneando simultaneamente el quadro del cloro contiene otro gato creo que esta vivo y muerto al mismo tiempo tiernado girando
Pennsyltucky Boy #149 I met him standing in a cornbreadline he said there ain't no use in tryin' to find a reason or a rhyme you can try but you're just wasting your time you can fool some of the people all the time gonna die for my freedom and I don't mind if it's lies I believe in let 'em shine Calitucky mines once way up on a time caverns echoed with the siren's whine and every heckle, every jekyll, every me, myself, and hyde caught a ride without wasting any time and we ate up all the bait upon the line and we bribed good king midas with a dime if it's lies he believes in, let 'em shine pepperoni soy product grown on the vine take care not to take the poisonous kind every cake it's too late not to bake is playing fate to the mate but we don't know what kind and I tried but I can't eat no pride and I died cause I can't change my mind if it's lies we believe in, let 'em shine
I'm divin' in the water. If I'd have died of chicken pox the day before the music stopped I'd tell you about the aftershocks the day the sox one day the sox won merrily down the stream we row for history's a tv show and o'er the falls we all must flow so put your socks on put your socks on go I'm divin' in the water I'm swimmin' like an anchor I'm sleepin' on the bottom I guess I'll see you later I'm lookin' for my brother he's on the other end of an escher elevator I'm divin' in the water I'm divin' in the water I'm standin' at the counter I'm on the other end of a bigger blunder buster I'm sittin' by the harbor I'm sleepin' in the future I'm speculatin' fire I'm divin' in the water. no rain or sleet or dark were braved no lines were drawn no souls were saved the day the sox sprang from the grave and stamped their mark upon the cave merrily further down the stream for life is but a lucid dream and though I know not where you hide just put your sox on come inside
with singing wings mosquitos lull you off to sleep the choir's preaching secrets I can't help but keep there's holy ghosts and talk show hosts in either ear it's dangerous to listen, so damn good to here the only point of goin's that you know you're gonna the only point of stayin's that you know you wanna when the sunrise broke and woke you up outside you went to find some shade your shame in which to hide and when that big ol' pizza pie blocks out the sun in watermelon sugar dirt cheap deeds get done
Droid Choir 01:32
things are not ok I suppose they're s'posed to be that way inevitable animal mineral vegetable baseball ceratops knows a lot about an awful lot baseball takes iraqs, baseball breaks the rocks he makes more rocks baseball prays a lot but allah don't wanna give it up baseball hates the thought baseball might be all that baseball got all the senators all the minstrels and the minotaurs all the dinosaurs with one foot in the cellar door in a scramble for the moment we've all been waiting for all the upper crust was aswirl in sandstorms rapturous and from dust to dust was a miracle disastrous hell i'm pretty sure this is what you'd get a planet for inevitable animal mineral vegetable things are not ok but they're gonna happen anyway inevitable animal mineral vegetable
In a brand new town by the Puget Sound one afternoon in July On a front lawn green with a rat between her and I did I kiss the sky She looked so sweet from her two white feet to the sheen of her nut brown hair such a coaxing elf thought to pinch myself to be sure I was really there from Senegal out to Donegal from Tacoma to Boston town there's no woman I've seen like the brown colleen that I met by the Puget Sound As she onward sped well I shook my head and I gazed with a feeling queer and I said says I to a passerby who's the woman with the nut brown hair? he smiled at me, with pride said he she's the gem in Seattle's crown young Rosie McAnn from a faraway land she's the star of the Puget Sound from Tuscany out to Kilkenny from Tacoma to Boston town there's no woman I've seen like the brown colleen that I met by the Puget Sound By the crossroads fair I'll be surely there and I'll dress in my Sunday clothes and I'll try sheep's eyes and deludering lies on the heart of the nut brown rose no pipe I'll smoke no horse I'll yoke though my plow with rust turns brown till a smiling bride by my own fireside sits the star of the puget sound from Kazakhstan to the banks of Bann from Tacoma to Boston town there's no woman I've seen like the brown colleen who I met by the Puget Sound
Trash Night 03:38
drove around town for the hell of it got lost and then got found for the hell of it and then I turned around for the hell of it the whole thing it was pretty much irrelevant I couldn't make no sense of it yanked on the 'mergency brake and went to walk around and oh my god I don't think that I said a word to anyone got back in the car and then I noticed it was trash night and holy shit I found a filing cabinet and it's still in the trunk because I haven't got a use for it it wasn't what I wanted but I wanted it wasn't what I wanted but I sure as hell wanted it bought a cup of tea and paid too much for it it made me have to pee I had to stop and find a place for it eventually I couldn't take it anymore and so I swore I'd never drive around all night just for the hell of it anymore parked the car and locked the door and walked around and what the fuck I don't know how I got to this town stared up at the orange and the purple sky and thought bout jesus christ who was only born to die cause there's no such a place as hell but there's such a place as trash night
Monkeycage 02:05
I'm a milkcrate scofflaw with a thriftstore courtsuit on a train to L.A. cause a famous sidewalk made a no-name bad cop put some shit in my way with a written warning threatening fines and jail time if you steal it away is how I left my guitar sitting in an alley out behind the safeway There's no words meaning what I mean to say so I'll sing now maybe speak another day no promise shall your ears take away sit back and enjoy the ricochet there's no telling the sounds you need to hear so I'll speak but I won't sound very clear old gold that I don't hold very dear foretold that which failed then to appear cartoon your third ear it's the only thing that comes in clear omniscience opines you know it's true because it fucking rhymes it's in your ear it comes in clear it's in your mind it rhymes so fine You're all words and you don't have any song so I'll listen and not heed very long I'll sing but I wont sing very strong I'll walk but I"ll mostly string along my footsteps now echoed by a train through mud turned to stone for lack of rain with feathers and warm blood in your veins your stone bones have outshone your tiny brains cartoon your third ear the only thing you wanna fucking hear omniscience opines you know it's real because it rhymes I'm a milkcrate scofflaw with a thriftstore courtsuit on a train to L.A. cause a famous sidewalk made a no-name bad cop put some shit in my way with a written warning threatening fines and jail time if you steal it away is how I left my guitar sitting in an alley out behind the safeway
Appletree 02:31
olly olly appletree stand you to the front of me land you in the big parade sing songs that the robots made low G resounds the truss rod squeals my hovercraft is full of eels and armtwist couldn't fit my octopus with pants today hey Baba Allaudin Khan, when you gonna mow the lawn? marwa kept you up 'till dawn and desh ate up your day when inBoil cut his parts all off well iDeath'd finally had enough the deeds were done and done and done and done and done again olly olly appletree stand you to the front of me land you in the big parade sing songs that the robots made don't slip on the ice capades if you should run away


Though you likely know me as the Contrapparatus Onemanband, this album was made by multitrack recording as opposed to playing all the instruments at once. It's mostly me, Greg Goad plays tabla and bansoori and Jesse Partridge plays fiddle, but other than that it's me.


released October 7, 2013


all rights reserved



Francis Brennan Seattle, Washington

I play banjo, guitar, sitar, pennywhistle, mandolin, etc. I live in Olympia, WA and perform as 1/2 of the banjo/accordion duo Tsunami Piñata. I also write and record original songs which you will find here.

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